TPCM is the leading provider of high-pressure, high-temperature cleaning for
structural inspection, maintenance, and repairs of Earthmoving Equipment.

Our services aim to support our customers in their compliance with industry laws and
regulations, whilst maintaining a professional and reputable corporate image.

Services include:

  • High-pressure, high-temperature cleaning of Earthmoving Equipment
  • High-pressure, high-temperature cleaning of Wash-pads
  • High-pressure, high-temperature cleaning of Workshops
  • Mine site clean up work
  • Machine/Vehicle cabin detailing

TPCM provides a turn-key service – once a machine has been removed from service
and positioned on site wash-pad facilities, TPCM carries out extensive cleaning
with up to six operators cleaning the machine at any one time. The machine is then
moved into the workshop for maintenance, repair and/or inspection.

If the customer finds the equipment is defective during inspection, immediate repairs
can be carried out to decrease the risk of extensive downtime as a result of failure
during machine operation.

Early detection of potential defects made within programmed maintenance periods,
can significantly reduce machine/equipment downtime and costs.

Our equipment

As the industry leader in high-pressure, high-temperature cleaning we’ve made substantial investments in our plant and equipment which includes:

  • State of the art Isuzu FTR900 and NQR450 Trucks
  • 14 x 4500 psi, 22 litre/minute, 85 deg C high pressure high temperature pressure cleaners
  • 500 litre/minute wash down pumps
  • 100 metre hose length ability
  • 4000 litre mobile water storage capacity (Isuzu FTR900)
  • 11,000 litre stationary water storage capacity (Isuzu FTR900)
  • 7,000 litre stationary water storage capacity (Isuzu NQR450)